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Welcome to AZ Pet Stylist

Where the grooming comes to you!

At Arizona’s Pet Stylist we aim to lead the way and demonstrate the highest standards and best practices within the grooming industry. We are as passionate about pet care as you are about your pets and we promise to always provide your cherished pets with love and safekeeping while they are in our care.

Who is AZ Pet Stylist?

A team who puts your fur kid as our number one priority.

A certified team of stylist with training in Pet CPR & First Aid, Pet Aesthetician, and Fear Free services to name a few.

A team ready to answer your call and to help guide you into taking the best care of your fur kiddo(s).

Please read below to learn some basics about our services.

teeth  brushing
  • We are a full service mobile pet groomer serving the Southeast Valley. Please see our Prices tab for the breakdown on what is included by service offered.
  • We do provide just nail trimming or nail trimming with ear cleaning and/or gland expression if a full grooming service is not desired.
  • We love grooming cats. One thing we know is that Cats rule the roost, hence we cater our grooming services to what is best for them.

  • Our units are fully equipped and self contained with air conditioning, hot water heaters, hydraulic tables, and so much more to make sure your fur babies get the best treatment. Some of our units do have the option to open the sides to create more air flow and a more open atmosphere. This option is not available during the summer while the A/C is in use or with those animals considered to be more flighty, especially cats. We always consider the needs of the animal first.
  • Pet parents are more than welcome to come check on their fur kid(s) at anytime. However, they are not allowed in the mobile units during the grooming process.
  • We work by appointment only and provide one hour windows for arrival for all appointments, with the exception of our 7 am appointment slot. If you are looking for a direct appointment time instead of a window, then 7am is your slot.
  • Appointments starting as early as 7 am and can go to as late as between 5 and 6pm from Monday through Saturday. Unfortunately, for those multiple pet homes of 2 or more we cannot offer arrival times for too late in the day because of the length of time required to complete the entire appointment.
  • We do tend to remain booked 4-6 weeks in advance so please make sure to call to schedule in advance. However, if you need something sooner we do have a ready roster that we can add you to in case we have any last minute cancellations or changes in the schedule.
  • In addition, we provide a few of the same products we use during the grooming process for sale on site if you are interested. Just ask your groomer if you are interested. Our main goal is to have the item on hand that we are recommending such as the proper brush or comb and henceforth eliminating the need for you to remember what we recommended, putting aside the time, and then going to find it or something similar.  Besides, who doesn’t like a little extra convenience.