Do you have a new Furry Family Member?!?

That is Soooo Exciting!! and we CANNOT Wait to meet you new bundle of joy!!

We created this page just for you to help in getting through the grooming side of things. Of course your stylist can answer any questions you may have in relation to grooming but rather than waiting until we are are your front door… we thought it might be helpful to give you some information upfront.

A puppy’s first pet grooming session is a most momentous occasion, similar to when a human kid gets their first haircut. The initial approach can have a lifelong effect on a pup, be it positive or negative.

Preparing Puppies for their First Grooming Encounter

The more socialized and used to being handled a puppy is the better. During the first visit, the main idea is to familiarize puppies with the process. As mentioned previously (and this cannot be overemphasized) a pup’s initial experiences with the groomer can set the stage for how he responds to being groomed for the rest of his life. So it’s important to make the experience as pleasant as possible. If you are a new puppy parent we strongly encourage you go through the following steps. This will prepare your new pup to be handled in ways they might not be used to:

  • regularly tickle their paws (including between their toes),
  • make sure you tickle those ears and 
  • don’t forget those tushies…

Although the above tips may sound silly these are some of the areas your new puppy’s stylist will be working on and it will make a tremendous difference to their first experience. If your puppy tends to chew your hand when you hold their paws, your puppy will also tend to chew at the stylist’s hands. This is not so bad but when you add clippers and shears it becomes an unsafe behavior. Henceforth, getting them used to being handled and touched in these areas make for a safer and more relaxed first grooming.

The First Visit

On the big day, when we first bring your puppy into the the mobile salon, starting slowly is key. When you call to make your first appointment we highly recommend starting with our  Fear Less Service.

From there we can graduate to our Bath and Tidy service and so on. We recommend this because the first session should be an abbreviated session, to avoid stressing the pups out and enabling them to get used to being handled by a groomer.

Bear in mind that pups may be frightened when they are first exposed to alien devices and tools such as clippers, dryers, and grooming tables- all things they may have never seen before. We want to make sure your pup gets used to these items for future grooming needs without over staying our welcome.

Getting Started

The general rule of thumb is grooming should be introduced at 12 to 16 weeks, as younger pups are easier to train. Having had all of their shots before being groomed for the first time is key for their health and safety.

Many puppy parents make the mistake of waiting until their pups are 6 months of age or older before taking them for grooming. Why is this not a great idea? Well, at this point, the grooming is almost a necessity because the kiddo has hair in their eyes, hair that carries in unwanted objects from outside, and possibly a few tangles to boot. This can result in a fairly negative first experience for a puppy as they now are in need of having certain things done versus being able to grow comfortable with the new situation at their own pace.

Starting slowly will enable a groomer to build up to a full groom and other more elaborate services. It usually takes at least a few sessions for a pup to become totally acclimated to, and comfortable with, the grooming process. But if approached the right way, this can enable a pet groomer to establish a lifelong happy relationship with their new pooch client, which will ensure their long-term health and happiness.

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