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Fear Less™ Service

Why does it matter?

Some Clients with fearful pups believe that:

  • their pup does not like grooming 
  • their pup may have been mistreated during previous grooming 

Far too often, this is not the case. In most fearful grooming situations, your pup has simply been overwhelmed by the experience. His or her first ever groom may not have happened at their pace and now s/he associates grooming with an unpleasant experience. 

Being placed into a new area with a new person with no escape and then being maneuvered about onto a table, into a bath tub, washed, dried off, and brushed out all at one time can overload the senses. In this scenario, your fur kid has not been hurt physically but rather flooded with too many things at once. 

For those of you who have been through the several years of schooling-you may be able to relate to this. I can’t say that I ever “Wanted” to go to school, but I had to because it was what you do, and my parents made me. Then the time came for me to choose to go to school of my own accord, (college) which I did, and not only did I learn more, I enjoyed it much more because it was my choice. 

The same applies to your fur kiddos. 

If we create the “choice” for them to go into a mobile unit because the can get treats and lots of love and then go home, we can then work our way up from there to create an entirely different experience for them.

Our Fear Less™ Program was created around this pretense. In place of coming out for a grooming service, we come out for an introduction.

Within our Fear Less™ Visit, we may do any of the following:

  • spend time inside your home sitting with your pet
  • walk them to the mobile unit and back,
  • get them into the mobile unit,
  • get them onto the table and off,
  • get them into the tub and out,
  • turn the dryer on while they are in the unit to get them used to the sound,
  • touch their feet,
  • rub their ears,
  • and the list goes on.

Basically we will work with your fur kids to get them used to different scenarios all the while providing positive reinforcement.

It may take more than one visit to get your fur kiddo ready to move on to the next step. Your stylist will provide you with an electronic report at the end of our Fear Less™ service to review what was done and what is recommended for the next visit.

What is the Cost?

The initial visit is $75  and will include 30 minutes of working with your pet.

Each additional 30 minutes spent at the same visit will be an additional $50.

If any grooming service is provided at the same time as the Fear Less™ visit that service will be charged at it’s regular rate in addition to the cost of the Fear Less™ service.

**To clarify this service is not a one size fits all. In the case of those kiddos who present aggressive tendencies we have a list of recommended trainers who may be a better fit for your fur kiddo needs.**

What Can you Do at Home?

Our Fear Less™ Program stemmed from our team becoming trained in Fear Free. Fear Free is a certification program out there catering to pet professionals in the veterinary and grooming worlds. However, Fear Free has also created a sector for pet owners called Fear Free Happy Homes. Click the link below to join for free and begin the adventure.

Fear Free Happy Homes

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