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Cat Grooming Services

Our cat grooming service automatically includes nail trimming and ear cleaning. The remainder of what we do depends on what service you decide on.

Cat Hair Cut + Optional Dry Bath$150.00 – $225.00
Cat Hair Cut + Bath$190.00 – $295.00
Cat Bath and Brush Out
Hairless$105.00 – $125.00
Short coat$150.00 – $235.00
Medium and Long coat$180.00 – $285.00
Brush out Only
Short coat$80.00 – $95.00
Medium and Long coat$95.00 – $125.00
Brush Out + Dry Bath
Short coat$105.00 – $120.00
Medium and Long coat$115.00 – $135.00

Nail trimming

Just need the nails trimmed? or Teeth Brushed? We offer services sold separately as well.

 Nails when already on location = $35

  Nails when coming to you = $50

If you have more than one pet getting nails done you only pay the $50 fee for the first pet. Each additional nails service is $35 only.

Nails and MORE

Certain additional services can be provided for just $10 more. Examples for add-ons would be teeth brushing, ear cleaning, or gland expression. See chart below.

ServiceOn SiteDriving to Location
Nails ONLY$35$50
Nails +1$45$60
Nails +2$55$70
Nails +3$65$80
short coated tan dog

Dog Grooming Services

Our Dog Grooming services are split into 2 categories. A Full Groom or a Bath & Tidy Service.

Included Services: 

  • Basic Teeth Cleaning
  • Nail Trimming and Filing
  • Ear Cleaning with the option of Plucking *Ear plucking is known to cause ear infections in certain dogs and conversely prevent ear infections in others. Because of this Ear Plucking is per request only but can be added at no extra cost. Please make sure to let your groomer know if ear plucking is desired.
  • Bath
  • Skin/Coat Conditioner
  • Brush Out
  • Blow Dry
  • Any necessary Shed-less Treatment
  • Hair Cut – this service is what determines the difference between a Bath and Brush or a Full Groom. A hair cut is included in a Full Groom but not in a Bath and Brush. A  Bath and Brush does still include trimming of the face, feet, and sanitary.
  • We come to you!!

The only difference between a Full Groom and a Bath and Tidy is the all over body hair cut. 

A service is a Full Groom when it includes any hair cutting on the body of the pet with the exceptions of face, feet, and sanitary trimming which are included in the Bath and Tidy service.

Price List:

BreedBath&Tidy vs. HairCutService
Afghan Hound$151$225$190$295
Airedale Terrier -Standard$125$175$175$255
Airedale Terrier – Miniature$80$95$95$120
Alaskan Malamute$190$297$250$325
American Eskimo
— Mini$95$120$115$145
— Standard$125$175$175$255
American Foxhound$80$95n/a
Anatolian Shepherd$151$225$190$295
Australian Cattle Dog$105$150$151$225
Australian Shepherd
— Toy$95$120$115$145
— Mini$125$175$175$255
— Full Size$145$195$185$290
Australian Terrier$80$95$95$120
Bearded Collie$145$195$185$290
Belgian Malinois$105$150$151$225
Bernese Mountain Dog$151$225$190$295
Bichon Frise$85$115$105$150
Blue Heeler$105$150$151$225
Border Collie$105$164$151$225
Border Terrier$80$95$95$120
Boston Terrier$65$75n/a
Bouvier des Flandres$151$225$190$295
Brittany Spaniel$125$175$165$235
Brussels Griffon$80$95$95$120
Bull Dog
Bull Terrier$80$95n/a
Cairn Terrier$80$95$95$120
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel$125$175$165$235
— Short haired$65$75$80$95
— Long haired$80$95$95$120
Chinese Crested
— Hairless$65$75n/a
— Powder-Puff$80$95$95$120
Chinese Shar-Pei$105$150n/a
Chow Chow$151$225$190$295
Clumber Spaniel$125$175$165$235
Cocker Spaniel$125$175$165$235
Coton De Tulear$80$100$95$130
— Short haired$65$75$80$95
— Long haired$80$95$95$120
Doberman Pinscher$95$120n/a
Doodle –Standard
— Wiry Coat$125$175$175$255
— Non-wiry coat$145$195$185$290
Doodle – Miniature & Medium Size
— Wiry Coat$105$150$151$225
— Non-wiry coat$125$175$175$255
English Cocker Spaniel$125$175$165$235
English Setter$151$225$190$295
English Springer Spaniel$125$175$165$235
English Toy Spaniel$125$175$165$235
Fox Terrier$65$75$80$95
German Shepherd
— Medium Hair$125$175$175$255
— Long Hair$190$297$250$325
German Shorthaired Pointer$90$120n/a
German Wirehaired Pointer$125$175$175$255
Golden Retriever$151$225$190$295
Goldendoodle -See Doodle.
Great Dane$145$195n/a
Great Pyrenees. We do not service the breed.
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog$151$225$190$295
Irish Red and White Setter$151$225$190$295
Irish Wolfhound$151$225$190$295
Italian Greyhound$65$75n/a
Japanese Chin$80$95$95$120
Jack Russell$80$95$95$120
Komondor. We do not service this breed.
Labrador Retriever$105$150$151$225
Labradoodle – See Doodle.
Lhasa Apso$80$95$95$120
— American$145$195n/a
— Bull$145$195n/a
— Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff)$145$195n/a
— English$145$195n/a
— Neapolitan$145$195n/a
— Tibetan. We do not service this breed.
Miniature Pinscher$65$75n/a
Miniature Poodle- See Poodle.
Newfoundland. We do not service this breed.
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever$105$150$151$225
Old English Sheepdog$145$195$185$290
Pharaoh Hound$80$95n/a
Pit Bull$90$120n/a
— Miniature, Toy, or Teacup$85$115$105$150
— Standard$145$195$185$290
Portuguese Water Dog$145$195$185$290
Puli. We do not service this breed.
Rat Terrier$65$75$80$95
Rhodesian Ridgeback$95$120n/a
— Giant$145$195$185$290
— Miniature$80$100$95$130
— Standard$80$100$95$130
Scottish Terrier$80$100$95$130
Shar Pei – See Chinese Shar Pei.
Shetland Sheepdog$125$175$175$255
Shiba Inu$105$150n/a
Shih Tzu$80$95$95$120
Siberian Husky$151$220$190$287
Silky Terrier$80$95$95$120
Skye Terrier$80$95$95$120
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier$125$175$175$255
St. Bernard$190$297$250$325
Standard Poodle – See Poodle.
Welsh Springer Spaniel$125$175$165$235
Welsh Terrier$80$100$95$130
West Highland White Terrier$80$100$95$130
Wire Fox Terrier$80$95$95$120
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon$125$175$175$255
Yorkshire Terrier$80$95$95$120

Extra, Extra, Read all about it…

Our services can have potential additional fees that are as follows:

Additional Service Fee: If a pet is determined to be extremely matted or in need of extra care and/or time to complete the job there may be an additional fee. The rate is a base charge of $50 and goes up in $50 increments per every extra 20 to 30 minutes needed to complete the service. **If this situation occurs, the pet owner will be informed of any extra charges before the grooming is carried out. 

Reschedule Fee: There is a $50 per pet rescheduling fee for all appointment cancellations and/or changes made less than 24 hours in advance

Trip Charge: This fee is $75 and only applicable to cancellations made less than an hour before the appointment time.

 This occurs most often with cat grooming services when the cat cannot be found once we arrive for the appointment. Please keep in mind the stylist will always call when s/he is on the way so please do get your fur kids ready in advance. 

Furthermore, a trip charge will be applicable if our trained stylist determines that while attempting to groom your pet, there is potential for an unsafe situation leading to possible injuries to themselves or your pet.

Your stylist will be able to recommend how best to move forward.

We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

*Anal gland expression and ear plucking are a per request service for all dogs big and small. If you will be having your pet groomed by us for the first time and would like to receive either of these services, please ask! There is no extra cost, but they are not automatically given services. 

Call us today at (480) 326-5298 to make an appointment!

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