Dog Training Services

That’s right, we have a dog training program too.

Introducing Adriana, and our Training Program.

Adriana is a die hard pet lover who began her training career in California, but decided to move to AZ in 2021. At that time she joined our crew here at AZ Pet Stylist to learn more about the grooming industry, and to become our in house trainer. We have a few videos linked here and below that demonstrate her immense skill level and true understanding on how to communicate with the pet in their language. Harley, the beautiful pit bull in the videos, presented with intense excitement, desire, and strength to pull her mom (pet parent) over to anyone or thing they would meet while walking down the street. In one session, Adriana had Harley paying full attention to her only, and me walking circles around her with my fur kiddo, Jada, while Harley sits patiently still. Amazing work!

What does that mean for you?

Adriana helps our team out in two ways:

First, if you are looking for a dog trainer for your fur kid than call us today to set up a consult. The consult is just $35. At this visit, Adriana will have a chance to meet your fur kiddo and learn your fur family’s needs. From there she will be able to determine the correct package and get things started.

Additional, Adriana serves as our second set of hands to assist our stylists when a fur kiddo can be a bit to much for one person alone. Some kids just need a little extra TLC.

Harley Meets a Friend.

This video clip shows Harley’s initial excitement when she sees something new. Specifically, Star, the horse. As you watch you will see how Harley progressively turns her attention away from the distractions and begins focusing on the person walking her.

Harley Learns to Sit.

Now that Harley has shifted her focus to the person who is walking her the training moves on to the next level. Let’s add another step. Let’s teach her to sit when the walking stops.

Harley and Jada Walk Together.

Now that Harley is fully in-tune with her trainer, it is time to introduce another dog. We take some precautions just in case things go haywire, but the results are beautiful!

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.

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